deHavilland Aries 845-G

30 Watt Single Ended Triode Monoblocks

"The Aries is a bane for all those trying to sell less for a lot more cash. In my book this is one of the best sounding SE amps money can buy. Frankly, you would be crazy or foolish (take your pick) to spend more money on a SE amplifier. A five star recommendation!" Dick Olsher, Enjoy The Music... more

Product Information 

Introducing the new deHavilland Aries 845-G Single Ended Directly Heated Triode amplifier.  The Aries 845G delivers the superb sound quality of the original Aries-845 and now produces  30 Watts RMS into  8  ohms .The deHavilland Aries 845G is a 100% pure class A single ended triode  zero negative feedback vacuum tube amplifier. The Type 845 directly heated triode vacuum tube is justly famous for its huge soundstage, sweet tone, and authoritative presentation of music. The tube compliment combined with innovative circuitry maintains the right combination of pace, rhythm, and timing.. The deHavilland Aries 845G  is designed to drive medium, as well as high efficiency speakers. he dynamic presentation is characteristic of an amplifier many times greater than its rated output

There is no question of reliability with only three tubes per chassis.  Diagnosing any tube problems that might occur after time is relatively simple. With the on board bias meter, checking and resetting bias for optimum performance  is a real snap. Quality, Value, and Performance, by deHavilland, "Hand made in California with a passion for sound since 1997"

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Most Wanted Component Award by Dave Thomas

Silk Class Catecory Award HE2003 by Srajan Ebaen

Best 845-Based Amplifier CES 2003  by Dave Glackin

Best Sound of Show CES 2003 by Roger S. Gordon 

Best Sounding Room At The Show CES 2003 by Greg Weaver

Chip Stern's Best Rooms of HE2003

The Top Five CES 2003 by ED Morawski 






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Planet Jazz Magazine HE2003 by Jim Luce

Enjoy The HE 2003  by Chris Boylan

Good Times at CES 2003 by David W. Robinson

Stereophile Magazine HE2003 by Wes Philips and Paul Bolin

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Design Specifications 

power output--------------------30 watts rms into 8 ohm

output class --------------------Class A

bandwidth  ----------------------20 - 35 kHz

power triode  ------------------Type 845

driver tube   --------------------6AU5

voltage amp -------------------6SN7/GTA/GTB

feedback  ---------------------- zero negative feedback

input impedance--------------50k ohms (Values from 10k to 500k available on request)

residual hum-------------------<2mv.

warm-up-------------------------automatic time delay for long tube life and gentle startup

dimensions---------------------12"W x 18"L x 10"H

weight----------------------------58 lbs



Features: Shown here with Cardas Gold Rhodium RCA input and Cardas Gold Rhodium binding posts. The front 3/8 inch  and rear 1/4 inch plates are heavy anodized for maximum wear resistance and make for a super rigid chassis.


Special Features 

* Class A zero negative-feedback design

* Point to point hardwired audio circuit

* Electra-Print Company transformers

* Onboard meter for easy bias setting

* Cardas Gold Rhodium RCA input jack

* TubeWizard (WBT like) gold binding posts

* Cardas Gold  Rhodium  binding posts (optional)

* Auricaps

* Hovland Musicaps

* Wonder Wire / Wonder Solder

* Cardas Cable

* Kimber Cable

* Goldpoint stepped attenuators (optional)

* NEW! Silver or Black anodized brushed aluminum front and rear panels

* NEW! Paint Filled Engraved logo 

* Steel Gray High Gloss Metallic powder coated chassis

* Anodized aluminum tube cages (optional)



Pricing (as of July24, 2007)

deHavilland Aries 845G per pair---------------------$8,595.00


Optional Parts:

Cardas Gold / Rhodium binding posts-----------  $200.00

Select Sylvania GTA/GTB preamp tubes------   $100.00 pair


6SN7 Tube Rolling by Dennis Boyle



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