C.E.S. and T.H.E. Show 2003

Part 3: Oases of Beautiful Music - Best Sounds of the Best

Greg Weaver, March 2003

The deHavilland room, which I have come to know will always be a treat, had also stepped it up a notch this year with the introduction of their new Aires 845-G monoblocks at $6,000 a pair. Kara Chaffee's new 30-Watt amplifier is a single-ended, zero-negative-feedback design based on the 845 output tube, and uses the 6SN7 GTA/B pre-driver and 6AU5 driver. Weighing in at 60 pounds apiece, they were the heart of a lush and seductive music system.

The sexy new Aries 845-G monoblocks with the optional triangular tube cages

The $4,000 Sony SACD77ES was the source feeding the ($3000) deHavilland UltraVerve preamplifier. Speakers were the very open and extraordinarily detailed Alon Lotus Elite Signatures ($8,000), with all cabling provided by George Cardas.

George Kielczynski and Kara managed to pull it off yet again, putting together a room that, once a source was playing, made if very hard to leave. I spent close to an hour there, listening to various selections and soaking in the rich timbres, realistic soundstaging and palpable images. Though low powered by comparison to many other systems I am used to listening to, there was never a hint of strain or limitation to this highly tuneful system, placing it too in contention for the honors of being referred to as the best sounding room at the show.

Set up diagonally to make the best of this smallish space, the new deHavilland 845-G monoblocks sang like siren

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