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Good Times at CES 2003: A Photo Essay, Part 4
by David W. Robinson


   Next stop was the deHavilland room, one of my perennial favorite stops at CES. This year was no exception; we got an opportunity to see the new Aries 845-G monoblocks in tandem with the UltraVerve preamp (smashing pre, that !),  a Sony SCD-777ES SACD player as a front-end, a Cal Audio Alpha D/A for PCM, and the Alon Lotus Elite Signature loudspeakers provided transduction. Roger S. Gordon liked this room better than any other (see his 2003 report at; there was definitely some very fine mojo going here! The new 845-G ups the ante to 36 watts per channel...and these are 845 Watts, chillun. I don't think that I've heard anyone else get sound this fine out of 845's...if you haven't heard the "G" model from deHavilland, then you haven't heard what 845's can do. Kudos to George Kielczynski ("Georgie K!") and Kara Chaffee, the hearts and ears behind deHavilland...keep up the good work!



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