New York, June 13, 2003

I've spent over 25 years of producing live jazz concerts and spinning discs in radio studios. Over that time, I've heard music under the worst and best of conditions. Last weekend in San Francisco at Home Entertainment Show 2003, I stumbled into the deHavilland/Pranawire/Alon room and discovered a system that raised the bar for high end audio performance.


Regardless of what it was asked to do, the deHavilland Aries connected to the Alon Lotus Signatures by Pranawire Cosmos wire delivered a fabulous presentation of pure music that bordered on holographic. All music got the same great treatment -- it materialized as "live" in the room.


This is the end-product of inspired engineers who love music and make their products by hand, one at a time. Like all hand-made goods, this system is not cheap, but for what it delivers it's worth is measured in much more than money.


The listening experience was emotionally arresting... and pure joy.


Jim Luce
Planet Jazz Magazine
Producer, Caramoor Jazz Festival
Executive Producer, The Wonderful World of Louis Armstrong, National Public Radio