Award Winning Single Ended Triode Amplifiers and Preamplifiers









Aries 845-G - Single Ended Triode 30 Watt  Mono Block Amplifier 


Aries GM70 - Single Ended Triode 50 Watt Mono Block Amplifier


 IOS Stereo 845 and Integrated  ST 845 SET Amplifier


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Model 444 Vacuum Tube Line Preamplifier


Model 222 Magnetic Tape Playback Preamplifier


 Top Line Mercury 3 Preamplifier


Top Line Mercury 3 Remote Preamplifier 


UltraVerve 3 Preamplifier


UltraVerve 3 Remote Preamplifier


UltraVerve  Junior Preamplifier




Tube Wizard Accessories by deHavilland


New!!! Stepped Attenuator

Custom made relay actuated analog computer controlled 32 step stepped attenuator with or without remote control... NOW AVAILABLE.!!! Call or email.


NEW!!! GM70 Teflon & Pure Copper Tube Socket...  NOW AVAILABLE! Call or email.


NEW!!! Custom Made  845 / 211 Tube socket... Made from pure billet aluminum!!! NOW AVAILABLE...Call or  Email!!! 


NEW!!! 300B / 2A3 / 811 / 572 Teflon & Pure Copper Tube Socket ... NOW AVAILABLE!!! Call or email.




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