deHavilland UltraVerve 3 Remote Preamplier



       The 32 step precision stepped atteunator is new in the Ultraverve III .  This is our proprietary design volume control.  It is fully analog and has all discrete resistors switched by  precision relays , to change volume levels . It is quieter than a rotary switch attenuator and has 32 steps instead of 24. 

    Our relay attenuator can be fully remote controlled via the handset shown below. It also has  mute ON/OFF  buttons that return to the same volume level.  The bezel is machined aluminum anodized and engraved with nomenclature.  The infrared sensor in the preamp front panel works from a very wide angle and is very reliable. 


UltraVerve 3 Remote Preamplifier---$ 2,995


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NEW! UltraVerve 2 Remote Linestage by Jack Roberts




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