HE2003 -- Day Three, By Wes Phillips

We were also very impressed by the nifty Lotus Elite Signature loudspeakers ($8000/pair) from Alon by Acarian Systems. These dual-woofered floorstanding three-ways made beautiful music in conjunction with a pair of DeHavilland Aries 845-G 30W SET monoblocks and a DeHavilland Super-Verve Octal Tube preamp ($3000), fed by a Sony SCD-777ES SACD player and strung together with Prana wire. Coherent and cohesive, this small (by Alon's standards, at least) speaker delivered the music in spades.

By Paul Bolin

deHavilland Electric Amplifier Co. Aries 845-G SET monoblocks ($6000-pair) produced a wonderfully musical and inviting sound from Alon's efficient Lotus Elite Signature speakers  ($8000-pair) . Premier cabling  was from PranaWire and source was from a Sony SCD777ES.