6 Moons.com Industry Report by Srajan Ebaen

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

The first lady of tubes, Kara Chaffee of DeHavilland Amplifier Company, had her wares in multiple rooms which showed off not just the customary stellar sonics but different finishes - grey with engraved nomenclature, red for Steve Rochlin's Ferrari Jones and in custom wood caps and fascia in the Overkill Audio room.

Using an Ampex tape machine is clearly and patently unfair when you're trying to woo showgoers used to digital with good sound but if you've got it, flaunt it - and Kara's got it. She's also nailed the diagonal setup to minimize room-induced distortion and Richard Bird of Rives Audio has already penned a new column on Tradeshow Room Acoustics in which this room will make an appearance for smart real-world applications of basic principles.

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