CES2005 Marja & Henk

A Tours De Fons

Dr Marja Vanderloo

Dr. Henk ' Longbeard Boot

The Pranawire/deHavilland/Nola room always sounds among the very best. The tricks Kara Chaffee and Joe Cohen pull off time and again belie the adage that rooms at shows cannot work properly and consistently each time. Well, some exhibitors can. Here, the Nola loudspeakers were set up at an angle, the imaginary line between both speakers not parallel to the front wall nor the back wall. Try this at home and observe the result. Playing "Navigatore" via the Russian GM70-powered amplifiers from a Sony CD player produced the tightest sound of the show. No ringing whatsoever - a hit to a drum had a definite beginning and end. The sound possessed no inherent sweetness but as with a good champagne, it can never be too dry. Nuances and articulation were presented with a sense of natural innocence

Complete report can be found at 6 Moons address