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CES 2006
by Roger Gordon

International CES

DeHavilland / PranaWire / Redpoint - The source was a Redpoint Audio Design Series D turntable ($16,000) with an Ikeda IT405 12" arm and an Ortofon SPU Royal GM cartridge ($9000 for arm and cartridge). The electronics consisted of the deHavilland Mercury II amplifier ($3995) and the Aries GM-70 monoblock amplifiers ($9950). The loudspeakers were from Sound Fusion. The speaker cables, interconnects, and power cords were by PranaWire. The sound for the first two days of the show was not spectacular. However, by day three things had been sorted out, equipment had been replaced, and all was right with the world. Analog sound does not get much better than this.

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