845-G amplifiers

as reviewed by Roger S. Gordon


"So, four weeks ago, after valiantly struggling against the impulse, I bought the deHavillands and sold my VK-75se. Buyer’s remorse should have set in by now, but it hasn’t. In fact, as I continue to listen to music through the deHavillands, I am even more convinced that I made the right decision. What really convinced me was my wife. As I was explaining to a frequent visitor to our home why I exchanged the visually striking, exotic looking VK-75se for the more sedate looking deHavilland, my wife interjected that the deHavillands sound so much better. You have to understand that my wife is not an audiophile. She does not even listen to music, nor does she attend concerts. When I play my system, she goes into another room and closes the door, yet she told our visitor that even from the next room she could clearly tell which amp I was playing during my comparisons. With one amp, it sounded like real musicians were playing in the living room, and with the other, there were no musicians. I could not have said it better. If you are a music lover, you need to listen to the deHavilland 845-G single-ended triode amps. They may rock your boat as they did mine. Roger S. Gordon"

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