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Subject: RE: GM70 shipped Fedex today

From: Israel Blume

To: 'deHavilland'

Sent: Tuesday, August 24, 2004 12:45 PM


Dear Kara,

Got a preliminary listen to the amps today. Session lasted a couple of hrs and I am very impressed. The amp has the unique ability of capturing BOTH the micro and macro qualities of the music. It combines the inherent beauty of SET (i.e. continuous, purity, liquidity, harmonic completeness) with the impact , weight and dynamic qualities of top quality pp pentodes. I am especially taken by the overall lack of artificial artifacts imparted by the amps in addition to an uncanny ability of articulating and separating instruments. Soundstage is huge yet very focused. The frequency response across the band is uniformly excellent with no emphasis or selectivity to any particular segment.

Further evaluation will unravel the subtleties but even at this preliminary stage it is abundantly clear that the GM 70 is special.

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