GM 70 Review

Friday, September 16, 2005 9:19 PM

Hi Kara,

With the GM 70 now fully broken in ( 6 months),  I have to say that they are a work of audio art. I had a listening session using Jacintha's "Lush Life" recording today. I have never heard a system reveal voice as did the GM 70. All amps present a veil to one degree or another. This can be immediately noticeable with voice. As I LISTENED today to Jacintha thru the GM 70 and the marvelous Coincident Super Eclipse 3 speakers, I was astounded at the revealing nature of the amps. There were moments in this session where I was simply lost in the music, especially her voice. To me this is the true test of audio. If it engages you emotionally in such a way that you forget about equipment all together for the moment. In other words you aren't just wowed because of dynamics. It is ARTISTIC equipment because it connects you to ARTIST and their music. Is the veil removed? Not a 100%. However if I had to analogize, it's as if the veil is so shear that you can still make out the artists facial expressions as they play in front of you ,where plenty of other amps may allow you to see, but only shadows.
Israel Blume of Coincident Speakers pointed me towards the GM 70 as the perfect synergistic mate for the Super Eclipse Speakers. He was dead on when he made that comment. Thanks!!!!
Best Regards
Mark Hastie