deHavilland's CES 2002 SHOW REPORT from The TUSCANY HOTEL, Las Vegas...


" The Tuscany under an azure sky"



Here we are in our spacious suite at the Tuscany. We were the first occupants of this room- the Tuscany had just opened that week. Definitely room for the speakers to image, and IMAGE they did! The 10" transmission line Buggtussels showed just how much bass the GM-70 could produce-people could not believe the subwoofer was NOT on!



Holding down the carpets here is several hundred pounds of deHavilland SE iron. The GM-70 amps are on in the center, flanked by the Aries-845.



This is the Quatuor Loudpeaker room with a pair of our Aries-845 amplifiers on loan. The most excellent Quatuor speakers were a fine match with our amplifiers. See for more information on the Quatuor line.


We are looking forward to showing at  the Tuscany in 2003, and are hard at work preparing for a bigger show yet!


We showed with  Cardas Audio, Sony SACD, California Audio Labs, Rega turntables, and more.