Another One from the Road… CES/T.H.E. Show 2005: Part 2 The Best of the Rest of the Best!
by Greg Weaver

Joe Cohen of Prana Wire and George Kielczynski of deHavilland Electric Amplifier Company in front of their highly enjoyable system

I have to say that visiting a room with either product is almost certain to be wonderful; putting the two together is an outright delight. Since I first ran across Joe Cohen at CES 2003 and his then new product, the Nataraja cables, his products have never ceased to amaze me. And this year, we got to spend a great deal of time together, talking and enjoying some remarkable single malt. The same is true with George and Kara's products.

This year, George Kielczynski, deHavilland's Director of Sales and Marketing, and Kara Chaffee, deHavilland's Chief Engineer, were using an Ampex 351 open Reel recorder (Priceless?) that Kara had modified as a source. The Ampex fed the Mercury Line Stage ($3495) which handed off to a pair the gorgeous sounding and looking Aries GM 70 monos ($9450/pr). Based on the Russian Ulyanov GM70, this is one killer, high-powered SET amp. And of course, the signal coursed through Joe's hand made ribbons including the Cosmos ($4000/meter) and Deva ($995/meter) series interconnects, Cosmos ($4500/1.5 meter) and Deva ($1195/1.5 meter) series speaker cables and Samadhi ($1750/meter) and Maha Samadhi ($4500/1.5 meter) power cables. After a good deal of fussing and fidgeting, the room sounded wonderful. Look for me to be reviewing the Prana Wires soon.

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