Issue #156 March 2004

deHavilland UltaVerve Octal Tube Preamp

by Martin DeWulf


"For $2,500 the UltraVerve turns much of the industry on its ear. True story. The first preamp sent to me was left on the BFS door step by the delivery company on a Friday afternoon after we had closed up for the weekend. Somebody came along and took it. When I reported the theft to the police they asked me what the value of the absconded preamp was. I didn't know at the time ( I honestly try not to know exactly what the products cost when I get them.). When they asked me to estimate the cost, having heard one at an audio show , I estimated $5,000. I'm pretty good at such things, but the UltraVerve really fooled me price wise." 

"If I didn't make it clear in the body of this review, I will now, the UltraVerve is a refined sounding preamp capable of getting to the heart of the music with a minimum of electronic artifacts. It's not a "rich" or "lush" sounding preamp in the ways that tube preamps are generally thought to be, although it expresses those characteristics if they're on the recording. It resolves low level information well, even if it's not state -of -the-art in that regard. If you are a fan of transparency, this is the place to be as the lack of lower midrange grunge and blurring really helps keep the midrange clean and open. Although not the perfect preamp in the absolute sense, when price is a consideration, it is one of the finest."

BFS "True Audio Undergroud'

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